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My Background

I am thrilled to combine all of my skills and experience into my passion! I have a background in education, social work, behavior analysis and behavior change. After 25 years of working with families in multiple capacities and treating children with autism, I decided to return to school for esthetics and continue my energy work training. I thought of it as a way to care for and nurture others in a different way. Over the course of the pandemic I added certification as a holistic life coach to my education and skillset. I completed a 6 month mentorship in intuitive guidance as well.  I believe that every person needs different things at different times in their lives and am proud to offer an integrative and customized approach to treatments. 

Tara walks along a beach pathway, the ocean at her back, running her hand through beach grass.

My Approach

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My goal is to provide an integrative approach to skincare and overall wellbeing through customized skincare, energy work and integrative life coaching services. I will provide a safe, serene space to embrace your true self and your innate beauty. No matter what treatment you come in for, I will be fully present and use intuition and a heart-centered approach to guide your treatment, providing what you need on that day. I use multiple modalities and each service includes a consultation and customized plan. This allows us to make the most of your sessions and keep your goals a priority. I love nurturing, inspiring and watching clients grow!

Tara looks off into the distance, deep in thought with her finger on her chin. She is deep in thought and surrounded by lush greenery in an apothecary.
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